Monday, 25 February 2013

Making sports FANS feel cozy ON the STANDS

Premdeep Gangadharan – FANS ON STANDS Sports Pvt Ltd

Premdeep Gangadharan, is a seasoned advertising professional with 19 years of experience spanning some of India’s leading advertising agencies such as McCann Erickson, Saatchi and Saatchi and Rediffusion Y& R. An ardent sports fan, Premdeep followed his heart and joined ESPN Cricinfo – a leading cricket portal in senior marketing capacity. Regarded as the walking talking sports encyclopedia, he is currently offering consultancy service in Sports Marketing. Premdeep, along with 3 of his friends took his entrepreneurial plunge with Fans On Stands.

Fans On Stands is a company which caters hospitality and Sports Tourism. From ticketing and lodging to booking a delicious meal, FOSS does it all to create a wonderful experience for a sports fan. FOSS is the official rights holder to sell tickets and provide hospitality assistance FIFA World Cup 2014.The Malaysian Grand Prix being their first property, their various packages include sports like Football, Formula One, Tennis, MotoGP, IPL and more.

Mr.Gangadharan is always in pursuit of his passions. Brought up in a family where the career 
options put forward by elders were Medicine or Engineering, he rather had other things in his 
mind. Career, in his view, is all about following our dreams, breaking the shackles of Genes. And 
indeed he followed his passion: Sports.

Today, on 22nd February 2013, Premdeep was interacting with a bunch of MBA Marketing students 
of Christ University Institute of Management, Bangalore. He shared his views with the students on topics like career, advertising, marketing, sports tourism etc.

When asked about how FOSS deals with competitors, Premdeep answered rather humorously that 
they don’t have much direct competition as almost all the other Indian firms into sports tourism
are concentrating on cricket alone. As this is a booming industry and they are one of the first 
people into it, FOSS has a clear advantage. And as the management, they are taking all the 
measures to take the company further ahead. Premdeep hinted that they are looking forward to
adding an online platform to their operations in the near future.

Perhaps the only major challenge FOSS face is to obtain the required number of tickets from the 
authorities as there are stringent regulations in lending out bulk tickets during Indian sports events.

During the interaction Premdeep also gave the students insights about how the sports industry 
works, the kind of money flowing through it and also the level of corruption involved.To summarize, this friendly interaction with Mr.Premdeep Gangadharan, was all about identifying, pursuing and finally selling the dream.The following is a testimonial written by Mr.Premdeep Gangadharan in the Cricinfo website:

“A career at Cricinfo can be even more rewarding and fruitful if you are a passionate follower of 
cricket. Fortunately for me, I am extremely passionate about the game and am envied by most of 
my peers. They cannot believe I actually make a living out of my passion. However it's not all play. 
There is work to be done and done well. But then if you enjoy what you do, the ideas tend to flow 
and work is a pleasure. I don't know how many people can say that about their work. To most 
people work is a way to survival and for the lucky few, work is fun. I count myself among the 
fortunate bunch.” – Premdeep Gangadharan

Binu E Pradeep
MBA V (Marketing)

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  1. This was, no doubt, one of the best and the most interesting interfaces we had. The speaker was very knowledgeable and shared his thoughts and ideas with an ease and in a very uncomplicated way. I look forward to attend many such interesting events. All the best team!